Father Son Team Up To Steal $41,000 Worth Of Wings

Heist of the century! Heist of the century! For real the only thing I think they did wrong here was get caught. For my money the best father/son duo since Williiam Ligue and his 15 year old boy ran onto US Cellular field in Chicago to jump the Royals first base manager Tom Gamboa. 

Both cases of some serious father son bonding there. My old man and I will never have that bond of commiting viral crime together.  I’m more of the AJ Soprano roll, let down city. 

But back to the wings, what a score it would have been to find those guys out in the streets slanging wings, probably selling at pennies on the dollar. Did you see how delicious those sum bitches looked? 

i realize these arent the wings

“Lemmon pepper my wings, all flat” – Rick Ross on the hit classic “Dope Dick”

And hey bro hosting this video, why don’t you chill out a little bit on judging those of us who are a bit too over zealous with our wings. You look one BWW’s Boneless Thraday away from popping some buttons



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