The UFC 194/Ultimate Fighter Finale Press Conference Was LIT

Hottest new boy band or MMA reporters? I don’t know, you tell me.

(thx @martinhines for couple of pics)

Actually, the presser was pretty boring overall which was a surprise. Conor McGregor was very subdued giving short to the point answers the entire time without saying anything overtly controversial. Plus he wasn’t even wearing a sweet Ric Flair suit.


Still way better dressed than Dana’s sloppy ass at least. Sweet Reebok hoodie bro, could totally see myself wearing that.

I’m guessing he is just miserable as fuck cutting weight without using the IV and wasn’t in the mood for it today so gave it his best go at it.

Nobody else really said anything of note. Edgard, Mendes and Rockhold were afterthoughts so by the time they were asked anything of significance 30 minutes in they gave short standard answers.

Dana did manage to go after Ariel Helwani after he asked a couple questions to Rockhold at the end. Totally unwarranted but Ariel owns real estate inside Dana’s brain so he just couldn’t help himself.

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Sunday- review of the entire weekend


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