Pizza-Woman Has $1,400 Tip Jacked From Her


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)A woman who received a $1,400 tip from an East Tennessee church is now claiming that money is being taken away from her.

Last month, Audrey Martin received a surprise $1,400 tip from the Covenant Life Church in Rocky Top after she delivered pizzas to the church.

The story went viral online and social media.

On Tuesday, she posted on Facebook claiming Domino’s Pizza has taken the money because the story went viral.

We reached out to Domino’s Pizza to get it’s side of the story.

The manager said the State of Tennessee was attempting to reach Martin after seeing the story because officials didn’t know she had a job and was behind on child support payments. He also said the $1,400 tip was not taken from Martin by Domino’s, rather the back child support payments were being taken out of her pay checks.

Martin denies she’s behind on child support payments.

We also reached out to the Tennessee Department of Human Services. A spokesperson for the said she agency couldn’t speak specifically about any case.

But she did say the agency wouldn’t take out any more than a judge has previously ordered for monthly payments.

Martin has quit working at Domino’s the Rocky Top. She says she’s working at another Domino’s in Tazewell.

First off the new Domino’s recipe they rolled out a couple years ago is DOPE! Domino’s used to be classic poor people pizza. Last resort type shit, if mom was ordering Domino’s in the 90’s you knew there was trouble brewing at home. They’ve since remedied the problem though over the last few years. I don’t know how or what they did to fix this but the turnaround was amazing. Probably putting crack or something into the pizza, but that’s cool as long as I don’t know it doesn’t really matter to me.

Back to this story though, classic chick move, get the most amazing tip of all time for a menial job and have it taken away from you. Not for some bureaucratic pizza industry bullshit either, but because you’re behind on child support?

How the fuck is a Female Pizza Delivery person the one dishing out the child support?! That means not only she lost custody of the children but she lost custody to some dude who is worse off than her. Women never pay child support unless you’re named Angelina Jolie. Granted I don’t know the child custody laws and regulations in Tennessee so like most of what I write about I’m just talking out of my ass here. Just a wild guess, Audrey hasn’t been the best mother. Sucks though in the Holiday season to lose that kind of change after a great gesture by the church. I bet if she just prays a little bit everything will magically get better. Happy Holidays!


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