UFC Fight Night 80 Review

They were using the Small Cage for this one, that always makes for better fights.

Santiago Ponzinibbio slayed Andreas Stahl by TKO in the first –

For some reason beyond me in a weekend of trying to push new stars, Amajin Sterling was buried on the Fight Pass undercard. He beat Johnny Eduardo by guillotine submission in the second round.  Sterling is one of the top prospects at 135 and no way he’s buried this far on a card like this again.

Sterling also gets bonus points for that dope ass chain in the post fight.

The Kevin Casey vs Antonio Carlos Junior fight went 11 Seconds! Exciting eleven seconds I bet right? No, it was a no contest after Casey was poked in the eye.

Hit the music!

We take a break in the action to appreciate Adrian Peterson. His 100th Touchdown.

Sergio Moraes was down headed into the third round and pulled a huge comeback TKO over Omari Akhmedov. Ahkmedov probably wasn’t out, he grabbed at Moares leg to grapple but the ref stepped in.

The “Dirty Bird” Tim Means made one of my favorite for no reason fighters ever John Howard go planking in the second round.

Thiago Santos and Elias Theodorou had a awesome three round fight. Santos won 29-27, 29-27 and 29-28. Judges actually giving out 10-8 rounds for once(third) was nice to see.

Theodorou got a mouth over his eye for the cause.

Now it was CODY “GUNS” PFISTER time!!!

A bullshit standup in the first round while Pfister was dominating up top. Northcut got the guillotine and won in the second round.

You’re time will come Dana, kid does not look like he’s all that. Lost 2 on Sage by KO/TKO.


Lets check in on the Vikings, down three in the turnover battle to the second best team in the NFC and within three 3rd down looking for a touchdown or a field goal and we go to overtime.

Whatever. I died already.

Chisea beats Jim Miller in the second I win 3 units.

Paige Van Zandt got that pretty ass face beat the hell up. Page is tough as shit and nearly finished a ton but kept fighting, she’s just got low fight IQ and isn’t that good of a fighter. Paige lost after being choked out in the fifth and I lost 4.65 there.

Rose when asked whats going through her head in her post fight said she just wants to pet her dog. Bonus points for that.

1-2 on the event and -3.65 to bring it to 16-13 and +12.11 on year. Back tomorrow with Ultimate Fighter Finale bets.



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