Atheists Cockblock Nativity Scene At The State Capitol


(Omaha World Herald) LINCOLN — There’s no room at the State Capitol this Christmas for a Nativity scene erected by a group that seeks to keep Christ in Christmas.

That’s because two atheist groups have already booked the space during the week of Christmas.

On Friday, the Thomas More Society will erect its Nativity scene on the first floor of the Capitol rotunda, marking the second year in the row for the display.

But the display will have to be taken down in a week because Omaha and Lincoln atheist groups, in August, had booked that time for its displays.

Classic hater move by Atheists here. Just chill dudes, let the religious people have their little play scene, why do you have to rile them up?  I guess cause if I’m anything I’m agnostic. I don’t know or care really but I certainly would never take time out of my day six months in advance to cockblock a Jesus, Mary and Joseph playground. You guys are like the hipsters of religion, I hope you feel real big and bad now, Christmas is going to go on with or without you. Haters.

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