Lets Check Up On Our Boy Stitches, His Homies “Jumped” Him

I didn’t have the slightest clue who this 20 year old white Miami ‘rapper’ was until 10 days ago but I absolutely love him.  Screw Caityln Jenner, Stitches should be the Time Person of the Year. Guys is a walking, talking L in physical form and he’s completely oblivious to it.

Last we checked in with Stitches he was walking around a Miami night club for hours in the pouring rain in basketball shorts stalking rapper the Game. He was then knocked out and by the Game’s manager ‘Wack 100’ – Blog about the incident here.

After this loss and quick overnight in jail Stitches was jumped by his boys after the Game paid them off supposedly. He took to Instagram to admit it and try to save face before the footage came out.

He also put up a video asking for pro MMA fighters in Miami who wanted to make some cash to slide in the dm’s. Presumably looking for some help to get back at his boys who jumped him. He removed the video but hopefully he got what he’s looking for and more quality entertainment comes from it.

So finally Friday night the footage dropped. No comment yet from Stitches. Check it out –


I don’t think Stitches is long for this world but don’t change while you’re here dude. Such a fascinating, entertaining, delusional loser and I love him for it.

Really looking forward to the Stitches Eat a $100 bill challenge to viral. What a great concept for charity.

If we’re being completely honest Stitches Game diss song cleverly titled “Game Over” is pretty hard.


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