Ultimate Fighter Finale Rundown

Nothing to note really from the weighins as everyone was on weight. Conor looked extremely sucked in but he always does. People making anything of this are off base. The Conor/Aldo stare down was dope as expected. Aldo mocking the Conor karate stance was great. Saturday night is going to be amazing.

Backstage before the weigh in  –


Speaking of sucking in, how about Jeremy Stephens promotional picture they showed?  Vet move there by Stephens, don’t get in shape til you gotta be in shape. Probably was on the couch slugging Coors Lights when they called him up to shoot the promo pics. Great suck in there.


Onto the fights of note form Ultimate Fighter Finale on Fox Sports One.

Geane Herrera for sure down on the cards and fighting on just 10 days notice got  Joby Sanchez via nasty TKO. Fight was about even odds.

Mike Pierce(35) vs Ryan LaFlare(32) was a matchup of two dudes who look a combined 150.


Last time we saw Pierce he was having his knee detached by Rousimar Palhares. You can regrow a leg in two years, good to know. Or he has mutant powers, one or the other cause Palhares definitely walked out of the octagon with his leg.


Both guys fought very hard and LaFlare took a very close decision.

Gabriel Gonzaga.

Yes. THAT Gabriel Gonzaga crawled out of whatever rock he was under and fought “Konstantin Erokhin” fuck ever having to type his name again. Awful, awful, awful fight. Gonzzzzzaga won.


24-0 is unreal. I watched those two overtimes and didn’t tune back into the next fight which I heard was a decent scrap with Julian Erosa beating Marcin Wrzosek by SD.

Jason Knight vs Tatsuya Kawajiri was next. So upset when it wasn’t “the sexiest man alive”  Jason Knight from ECW.


Kawajiri’s braided man bun was electric.

Kawajiri vs Knight up next on @FS1! #TUFFinale

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Overall another nothing fight, Brian Stann was reading texts off of his phone if that tells you anything about how exciting it was. Kawajiri took the decision. Silver Lining is the good shits coming.

Before Lauzon/Dunham lets take a look at the streets of Las Vegas

Joe Lauzon and Evan Dunham did not live to high expectations. Lauzon has 13 performance bonuses for $670,000 in his career and this certainly wasn’t one of them. He was extremely flat all three rounds. Dunham won the decision and he didn’t light the world on fire either, a step up in competition and he’ll get dusted. Down 2 units on Lauzon.

Fuck yes, as predicted El CUCUY Tony Ferguson vs Edson Barboza was off the hook! A fight worth going out of your way to see. Easily fight of the night up to this point. Ferguson locked in a d’arce choke and got the submission win at 2:54 of the second round. Awesome, awesome fight. Both of them brought it.

FUTURE LW CHAMPION! I take home 10 Units on Ferguson.

I tapped out watch this season of Ultimate Fighter about half way through so am not at all educated on Ryan Hall or Artem Lobov.  Pretty much a popcorn match, bring people down after the amazing Cucuy/Barboza fight and let them cool before we get to Mendes and Edgar. Neither of these guys will ever make noise at lightweight.



Frankie took the advantage early coming out to Biggie while Mendes came out to Staind or whatever early 00’s depression shit that was. Then Holy Shit, a left hook and Edgar starches Mendes early in the first. Lose 1.8 on that as it is definitely not how I saw the fight playing out.

Good luck to Conor or Aldo whoever has to deal with that. No more of that pidder padder bullshit from Edgar.

17-15 +13.31 ytd.

Finally, Saturday December 12th. Watch this. Can. Not. Wait.


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