Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo Rundown (UFC 194)

Real quick can someone get Joe Silva a phonebook to stand on next time? My god do you come from Mordor bro? Condit and Lawlor putting him into a locker and he don’t even know it.


Onto Aldo/McGregor, I did NOT see that coming. Crazy, right? Conor finished Jose Aldo’s 10 year unbeaten streak in just 13 seconds. He called a first round counter punch knockout, the Mystic Mac is the real deal.

First to the Vines and Gifs.


This was Tyson vs Frazier except Frazier wasn’t a P4P great of all time.

Lets check in on Aldo’s corner.

For the first time ever we have a Irish UFC and WWE champion. Crazy they won titles in the same fashion on the biggest stages possible. Wrestlemania and UFC 194 respectively.



Yeah, real cool. But hopefully it doesn’t last long. Get the WWE Title off this fucker at TLC LIVE! On the WWE Network tonight please.

Then the party in Vegas was LIT.

So incredible. Thank you #ufc for the experience #ufc194

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Rumor has it now Conor is going to ask for things that nobody other than Fedor have asked for in fighting history.  I’m all on board here, the honeymoon is over Dana. Conor has you by the balls and is going to get what he wants. I’m going to love seeing Dana squirm.

(Knew I’d find a way to work this pic in over the weekend somehow)

Aldo is a p4p all time great though, hopefully this wasn’t the end of him. Thirteen months off was probably a bit too much to just come back from and step into that fire.


(H/t @zprophet_mma, & UFC Reddit for some of the media)



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