UFC 194 Rundown

First off I told everyone a couple weeks ago Anthony Joshua is going to be a force at Heavyweight in boxing. He crushed Dillian Whyte in the seventh round in London yesterday afternoon. I’m telling you this dude can bring Heavyweight boxing back, 26 years old and bodied up like a young Creed.

On to the the Fight Pass portion of UFC 194, the only thing worth seeing was Magomed Mustafaev putting away Joe Proctor with a liver kick



No word if The Donald is trying to have Mustafaev thrown out of the US.

No idea who Dana’s fighting. Hopefully Tito finally gets to body bag him.


The UFC on Fox Sports prelims started off with a major upset, Kevin Lee in the -500 range was put down by Jose Aldo’s training partner Leonardo Santos. Santos jumped up and went into the crowd right after, he then gave an awesome promo after. Gonna get fined for having fun though and losing control, can’t do that.



Warley Alves put away Colby Covington with a guillotine very quick into the first round.


On the remainder of Fight Pass Tecia Torres beat  Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger by unanimous decision and Urijah Faber decision a very game Frankie Saenz. Frankie’s stock went up in loss here.

On the main card the first two fights both played out much differently than I though they would.

Jeremy Stephens lost a decision to Max Holloway, the fight never got going like I thought it would. The first two rounds were like a sparring match then in the third Stephens finally started letting loose but kept coming up inches short.

I don’t jack it to jiu jitsu like some but the first round of Demian Maia and Gunnar Nelson was so dope.  Incredibly high level stuff.  Maia is so slick on the ground.  Most of the time when you have two high level ground guys they end up having some shitty standup fight but these guys delivered  huge.  Maia won 30-25, 30-25 and 30-26, crazy to see so many 10-8’s but I’m not arguing it at all. Maia let us know he wants the winner of Hobbie Lawler and Carlos Condit next, he will become the World Champion of the World. What a crown to wear.



God won the next fight between Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza.

I bet on Romero here and was sure I lost. I had Romero in the first then Jacare in the second and third. Romero could have finished in the first but displayed incredibly low fight IQ by laying in Jacare’s guard. Some judge gave him a 10-8 round to go 29-27, then he took a 29-28 and lost a 29-28.  First round was great but the next two were kind of weak.

Romero’s translator then came in to steal the show.


Neeeded a translator for the translator. Awesome custom not to fit suit too. Guy was electric!


Luke Rockhold became the new Middleweight Champion with a savage beating of Chris Weidman. Both guys seemed to gas early, Rockhold says he had staff for a couple weeks before the fight.  The third round Weidman went for some stupid spin kick, got taken down and for about a minute straight took one of the worst beating in the HISTORY OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION. Seriously, Herb Dean stops Chad Mendes after three punches from Frankie Edgar but this for a minute on loop doesn’t warrant a stoppage?

I think Herb Dean knew he fucked up and right when he got the chance in the fourth round he stopped the fight. Awful job by Herb Dean though, guy is up there with Kim Winslow for worst ref in the game.

Awesome moment then with Cormier embracing Rockhold. AKA on the come up, Werdum going down Super Bowl weekend. Going to have three champions.

in their UFC middleweight championship bout during the UFC 194 event inside MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 12, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Oh shit, then a Kid Rock impersonator came in to support Luke Rockhold. So appropriate.


I can’t wait for Rockhold to put Romero into a bodybag when they fight.


Weidman will be back I think as long as he’s alive. Which I’m not totally sure. Could be dead now.

Post is way too long now, going to break it up to two parts. Conor vs Aldo gets it’s own thread later this afternoon.

(h/t to MMA Reddit and @zprophet_mma for some of the media)


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