The What Each State Googled Most In 2015 Map Makes Sense


How random is Nebraska googling Kaley Cuoco the most in 2015?  When I initially saw the title of that map I assumed Nebraska would be Corn, Mike Riley, Bo Pelini or some other singular subject to further peg us as a bunch of hicks. But no, oh no no, we googled Kaley Cuoco the most because we are people of fine taste. I distinctly remember hearing about her for the first time a few months ago when some stupid gossip site I visit said she’s getting divorced. Sure enough I googled her and have been lightly stalking her ever since. Plotting a move to California to find her and romance her, shes’s a classy woman who likely hasn’t had her rebound yet. What an ice breaker it will be when I bust out my phone, show her that map and my Nebraska ID. She’ll practically melt right in my arms right there… Or file a restraining order. Win some, ya lose some.

 (Not creepy am I?)

Some of the other states-

How about gross ass Indiana researching for all the Jared Fogle information they can get their hands on? What more do you disgusting fuckers need to know? Look up Larry Bird or something.

Kentucky scores points for the Dusty Rhodes searching. Still barely should be considered a state.

Kansas with such a braggadocio search you have to respect it.

I was really hoping Iowa would be meth, Caitlyn Jenner or something but the Bachelor makes sense. I have some inside info here and a little unkown fact about me is I watch that piece of shit show. The Bachelor last year was some lame with the personality of a cardboard box named Chris. Iowa was so proud of him but the rest of the country was just laughing at you.


That guys sucked and was a proper representation of Iowa.

Kaley Cuoco > Bachelor loser. Take us out Kaley!


(Shit, I may have a type)

(thx to Animal Instinct for the pic edit)


One thought on “The What Each State Googled Most In 2015 Map Makes Sense

  1. kc December 30, 2015 / 10:23 am

    Actually the headline is “What each state googled more than any other state”. That is NOT the same as “Most googled term in each state”.


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