Celebrating Christmas Under A Bridge Aint So Bad

A day after city workers removed his Christmas tree, a homeless man and his friends living under the Pontchartrain Expressway have their holiday spirit once more.

What an absolutely ludicrous video. A good chance it’s just a Jimmy Kimmel prank. How the fuck is this dude so jolly living under a god damn busy bridge? Where’s the shit on the sidewalk? Where are the loose needles? Why aren’t two bums scrapping over a chicken bone? What, no bonfires? This guy is living in the damn Ritz-Carlton of bridges. Sure I’ve got water, heat and clean close (when I decide to wash them anyways.) But this bro has T-Shirt’s in December with a ventilation system in his tent to die for.

I like how people are surprised his tree got thrown away. Yo, it’s a Christmas tree under a bridge. I doubt the city workers realized you set up residence there and were planning on Santa coming to visit. They got your priorities screwed up. 1- Celebrate the holiday season in style and 2- Get your own home, job etc.

Can’t really knock the hustle though, dude has parlayed this into all kinds of unsafe homeless hook ups in his tent.


100% You go in my mans tent and he has some mistletoe strapped around his waist.


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