Ten Minutes of Reactions to Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

Same reaction at the place I was at and I’d imagine across the entire world. Buzzing for ten straight minutes. That’s whats funny about these people that are like “oh you paid for that 13 second fight, glad I didn’t pay” just idiotic line of thinking. Do you think anyone complained about Tyson fights back in the day? That’s what you were paying for, to see something you won’t forget. Everyone wants to see greatness and we did on Saturday. Do you know how much Pro Wrestling I’ve paid for in my life that I don’t remember a single thing about? Plus we’re not just paying for one fight, we got a pretty awesome card overall. Including a human sacrifice in a championship fight just before.

And as great as those reactions are they’re pretty standard, I would pay top dollar for a video of my friends reaction to the dish service cutting out. (What the fuck is it doing Thunderstorming in Nebraska on December 12th anyways?)

The texts as it happened were hilarious too. He was ready to kill people. I would be too though, 18 months of build up and the shit cuts out? Fuck that!

You have to be routing for Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone this Saturday night on Fox vs Raphael Dos Anjos. Him vs Conor at lightweight could be one of the greatest built fights of all time outside the octagon, two of the best talkers in the world. Stylistically about as exciting a matchup as you can have as well.

Also, crazy Rogan pretty much calling it in the off air audio feed right before the fight starts.

Rogan: Look how smooth his body looks.
Producer 1: Yeah, he looks good, huh Joe?
Rogan: No, he looks soft.
Producer 1: Oh he does?
Rogan: Yeah, he looks soft.
Producer 2: I agree Joe, i agree.
Producer 1: Around the middle you’re saying?
Producer 2: Yep, yep, he looks soft.
Rogan: He looks deflated.
Producer 2: He looks soft, actually. You’re right.
Rogan: He looks way different. But it could be that he’s done a lot of cardio. Don’t want to jump to conclusions. (producers talking about technical shit here, losing signal etc)
Producer 1: Who do you like Joe?
Rogan: Right now? I think I like Conor.
Producer 1: Same here.
Rogan: Aldo looks nervous as fuck too.

Joe Knows



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