Old Dude Wearing Fantastic Outfit Slams Through Hotel Lobby In His Extend-O

AVA, Okla. (NBC News) – Stunning video shows disgruntled hotel guest ramming his truck through the lobby of an Oklahoma hotel.

It happened Thursday at a Comfort Inn and Suites in the City of Alva.

According to published reports, the 62-year-old man from Gonzalez, Texas was upset because his credit card had been declined twice.

What’s that?

Did you hear that?

*Glass Shatters*


hit play


Not at all shocking this happened in Oklahoma, everything about that screams Oklahoma. The denim tux, the extened-0 cab pickup, the reaction time of the women behind the desk. This old man was simply electrifying! Old people rule 101 – don’t piss them off, his credit card was declined? Shove it toots. You don’t have that kind of fancy truck and sick outfit without having some serious cheddar. Let it slide, stuff will work itself out. Anyone who wears the Denim Tux is not to be fucked with.

Hold on, now that I think about it… I’ve seen that truck before.

February, 2012. Ralston Keno.


This was one of the happier days of my life. Nobody and I mean NOOOOOBODY has taken more money from me than Ralston Keno.  Conservatively handed over $50,000 in my time to these bastards. So loved it on this cold winter day when some senile old bag rammed a truck through the front causing $20,000 in damage.

Note to self – no more sitting near windows in businesses. Better chance of getting run over by an old insane person than struck my lightning now. Gotta play my odds.


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