Ronda Rousey Making Move To Welterweight

(Terez Owens) – Ronda Rousey was spotted in Venice Beach walking her dog. Ronda still looks to be on a liquid diet from Holy Holm, that can’t be fun. Ronda looks like she’s bulking up, maybe for a fight with Cyborg? I kid, we all know she didn’t want that fight. Btw the tweet below is pretty funny if you have google translate.-TO Read more at:
Love the move Ronda. If you can’t beat em join em. Holly Holm is out there drilling Armbars and Omoplatas and you’re upping the protein intake making gainz, winter is for the bulk.
Don’t want none of that. Move on up safe and far away while adding your legacy. The first person in MMA to ever win titles 35 pounds apart.  Super business savvy move. They’ll be pulling bums off the street for her to check at 170 just like when she was the pioneer of the sport at Bantamweight. Plus big girl confidence and swagger is so in right now, Ronda can push that over the top.
What a power move as well skipping right over Featherweight and Lightweight bypassing Cyborg. Not such a big deal to go up Cyborg? Cool see you at 170. Genius move by double R.

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