UFC On Fox 17 Review & Blackzillians Shutting Down?

Write as I began to type this it broke that the Blackzillians camp in Boca Raton, Florida is shutting down. That leaves Rashad Evans, Michael Johnson, Vitor Belfort, Abel Trujillo, Matt Mitrione among many others without a home base camp right now. I’ll be looking to bet against any of them coming up. Maybe explains Michael Johnson’s pathetic effort on Saturday night. Link to the story – HERE.

This is my most painful rundown to write yet. Literally every fight my desired outcome the opposite. Except for Nate Diaz, I don’t mind too much but my friend was letting me bet Johnson as an underdog live so naturally i took the odds to my favor, hammered Johnson and lost. I’m a sucker.  I suppose Dana not getting his Cerrone/Conor match is ideal. But that punk should have been there to strap RDS after the fight regardless.

I went 1-4 on the event in posted bets, lost 16.85. Bring my year total to 23-23 and down 5.79. Was a nice run I had there but c’mon was there any way I finished the year in the positive?

Overeem winning stung the worst. Dude is about to get himself paid. Jackson/Winklejohn are doing awesome things at their camp in Albuquerque. I think one of my boys on twitter summed it up best though –

Overeem’s day will come eventually, I know his chin is still made of paper. Cain really must have put an end to JDS career. He dropped, just seven days ago Herb Dean was willing to let Chris Weidman die in there then a few unanswered shots here and the fight is stop? Don’t have a problem with the stoppage as much as I do the lack of consistence from Herb Dean.

The main story out of the show other than Raphael Dos Anjos looking absolutely phenomenal and putting it on Donal Cerrone in just under a minute was everyone begging for Conor McGregor.

And hey, Charles Olievera called out McGregor too. Chill out bro. How about you make a decent name for yourself and don’t miss weight by five pounds before calling out the king you loser.

The entire night summed up in one .gif-

(thx to mma reddit for the gif)

Sure enough as I finish this blog I check twitter and

Who fucking knows. That’s just how the year closes for me, stay losing. I’ll be back with a UFC 195 preview around New Years, which I will be at the MGM Grand LIVE for! Condit vs Lawler is going to be epic violence.




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