I Went On The OMG Wrestling Podcast

This episode we talk to Omaha wrestling sensation Hype Gotti!

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I went and hung out with my boys Lubash and Whitver to talk wrestling in Omaha, my ego, we call Jeremy Wyatt to get a story, Bubbles Burr, get future plans, PWP the 30th at the Waiting Room and I read through the match list of a Best of “The Elite Hype” Derek Anderson VHS I found from 2001.

If you don’t have iTunes you can also listen directly at http://www.omgwrestling.com/

I also realize how awful my WordPress URL sounded so I purchased hypegotti.com you can just go directly there to read here now.

If all that bores you go listen to Craig David perform “Fill Me In” over that Skrillex/Bieber beat in 2015. I love this.


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