My Ten Favorite Moments From The Classic Smash Hit – “Omaha, Nebraska”

Merry Christmas. If this video has been viewed 244,000 times, I’d guess 224,000 of the views were from me. This is my absolute favorite music video, favorite piece of media, favorite Omaha related thing of all time. Flocain, Whyte Myk and Lucky Charm came together in 2010 and created an absolute masterpiece. Here are my favorite 10 moments from their five minute epic.

10) The beginning. You know you’re in for some sure fire heat when they roll up right here. Also a travesty that their record label is “Unsigned” surely five years later that has changed.

9) Lucky Charm disappears like Casper + Letting us know his flow is handicapped… ? I’m pretty sure you don’t want a handicapped flow dude. But you’re the genius lyricist not me.

8) Flocain getting busy even struggling to keep up with his own Twista style speed raps.

7) Whye Myk lost in the green screen, so lonely.

6) Lucky Charm with a commitment to the art form cutting his receding hairline into a Wu-Tang symbol.


5) Flocain coming in hot with his Grandfathers suit.

4) Lucky Charms with some of the best dance moves ever. I’m bringing the bang-the-door to a dance floor near you soon and this fucker was ‘dabbing’ in 2010!

3) Grabbing your cock-n-balls is a lost art form in society today. Don’t tell Flocain that though.

2) LAMBO DOORS ON THE CHEROKEE! One of the more shocking things ever caught on film. Absolutely love it. May throw them on my Kia Optima.

1) Why was my scene deleted? Did I not fit in enough?

That concludes my ten favorite moments from the best video ever. If this gets back to ‘Cain, Myk and Lucky it’s all love dudes, don’t shoot me. I come from Omaha, Nebraska too.


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