Omaha Neighborhood Terrorized By ATV Driver

I would post up the article here but I need you to go to the Fox 42 website and check it out for yourself. While you’re there watch the video.

Get ready to go back to 1998 internet –

Done? Ok, yeah welcome from Back to the Future. Hey KPTM no wonder nobody in Omaha news takes you guys seriously. Have you seen your third world website? At first I thought I mistakenly went to a mobile site but nope, that’s the site they are putting out to the world. Along with a video recorded to VHS then uploaded EBaums world or some other ninth rate video player. Be better for me one time would you KPTM?  There is a fight for viewers out here in these Omaha streets and you guys are dead in a ditch. I’m putting out a better looking site with literally no budget.

Anyways, don’t blame Maria Thompson. The fourth hottest news personality in Omaha. She’s out there grinding, out there fighting for hers. You ever think you would see the ‘TOP DOGG’ Rob McCartney out there in the field hunting the ATV Bandit? Hell no, may ruffle his high salon quality hair.

(I had to stay with the theme and produce a KPTM level video)

Any word yet if she has caught him yet? Keep grindin’ Maria.


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