You Must Watch ‘Making A Murderer’ On Netflix

No need to go into all the details here but if you haven’t seen it you need to. Ten hour long episodes on Netflix I got through on one Tuesday night. Absolutely fascinating and a shame that <spoiler> Avery and his nephew are still sitting in jail. Hopefully with all the attention this is getting the right people have their eyes on it and their cases get looked back into.

My main take away and I’ve been saying this for years. Wisconsin SUCKS! This shithole just harbors the worst people ever.

Scumbag district attorney who was recently exposed sexting someone he was prosecuting. Even asking to take her on a “date” to the morgue. Meet Ken Kratz!

You have lawyer for Brendan Dassey, Len Kachinskey who wasn’t defending the 16 year old kid as if he thought he was innocent and gave him awful advice which led to him still being locked away today.


You have the entire manitowoc county police department who at the very least helped cover up a murder and quite possibly assisted in committing another one. They locked someone away for 18 years while a rapist continued to commit crimes and even attempted to turn himself in. They have a stellar 1.0 rating on Google Reviews-

in the last week
So you guys really didn’t feel like paying 36 million to a man from whom you stole 18 years of his life? And your solution was to – ever so clumsily – frame him for a murder he obviously did not commit? Congratulations! You are responsible …More

Kathleen Hershner

in the last week
Watching these pathetic liars from your ‘department’ in their depositions is truly revolting. I’m THRILLED that the USA is going to see the corruption and can judge for themselves. I read in some online news source today that you feel …More

Matt Kerklin

in the last week
This Sheriff’s Department is the biggest joke of an establishment in the history of public works. What a bunch of uneducated, ignorant, power hungry morons. I love that the entire country now knows how corrupt and disgusting you all are. …More
Lets see, what else has Wisconsin offered us than these pieces of trash (among many others on the documentary)
We have David Spanbauer, Serial Killer.
Serial Killer, Walter Ellis who killed at least 9 women over 21 years.
Can’t forget the “Mad Butcher” Ed Gein, murderer and grave robber.

Then there is infamous rapist and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. “The Milwaukee Cannibal”


Then last, but certainly not least… There is the worst of all in Wisconsin. The one that makes the state absolutely unforgivable, still out walking the streets free today……….


If that’s not the face of a killer then my names not Hype Gotti. Just an absolutely diabolical human being. The Vikings will march into Lambeau next Sunday night to take him down and reclaim the North.


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