Rizin Review and UFC 195 Bets

First off that Rizin event was something else. A few key videos from it before we get to UFC 195.

Why was Sakuraba fighting? Just an absolute beating from Shinya Aoki.  Why does Sakuraba have to take Weidman level beatings every time out?  This guy needs to stop already and the promoters need to stop pushing him out there, Sakuraba too much Pride. No pun intended.

King Mo also put it on Brett McDermott, another fight that could have been stopped much earlier.

Kirill Sidelnikov with Fedor in his corner pummeling Carlos Toyota.

Finally from Day 1, SOCCER KICKS ARE BACK! Vadim Nemkov I’m assuming another person rolling in Camp Fedor vs Goran Reljic (yes, the same Reljic from UFC years ago).

The FEDOR fight is what we thought it would be. A beating. Won’t bother piston. It here, step that competition up homie.


I will be live at the MGM Grand for UFC 195


Oh wait, that got moved up two months. Sucks for you Ronda. I reap the rewards though because I get…




I’m traveling and not able to update and preview like I was hoping to. I’ll post a live report and be back to more regular posting on Monday. Love this card, let’s eat juice.

Carlos Condit -110 to win 4

Stipe Miocic ITD +145 for 2

Albert Tumenov -260 to win 2

Brian Ortega -190 to win 3

Drew Dober +160 for 2 (homer pick)

Tony Sims -140 for 5

Dustin Poirer +150 for 2

Any questions or arguments against any bets hit me on Twitter today @hypegotti 



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