Checking In On Omaha For New Years Via MeanStreetsOma’s Twitter

I’ve been away for too long. Time to get back into the swing of things and see if I can make some kind of monetary gain off this website in 2016. Any ideas or suggestions for places to apply and loan my wit, humor and bad jokes let me know at or on twitter.

My favorite blog I wrote last year was analyzing the twitter feed of one of my favorite follows @MeanStreetsOma on Halloween night.  Lets pick up right back there on New Years Eve and see what was cracking in the o.NE.

We start the night before at 11:50 PM, because well… this is just too god.

Classic robbery tactic, right through the doggy door in a hoodie. Also love Mean Streets using “sez” and “thru” cause you know that is how a 17 year old wearing a hoodie crawling through a doggy door would by typing.

To New Years Eve!

That’s just what they call a good time in Sudan. Also that’s a very specific descriptor. What if they were from Chad? Nigeria? Libya? Caller could have bigger problems on his hands if the Sudanese consider that some kind of racism kinda how Japanese don’t want to be called Chinese. Sudanese people haven’t figured out the internet yet though so should be safe.

That’s homeless 101 right there. Van life.

Ten minutes later, see?

The gas station tenant judging people on New Years Eve?

I should note at this point its about 3 am December 31st. We haven’t even gotten into the critical hours. This could be good.

Pro Tip – It’s a Walgreens on 72nd and Cass.

The Woodman Tower was Lit.

Now we’re cooking.

Another snitch just salty he wasn’t invited to the party.

Note to self- Blog about the time you got kicked out of a Red Roof Inn at 5 AM in Burnsville Minnesota, escorted to the county line and told not to ever come back.

Amateur hour or what over at Walmart? Get the cages up and lock the liquor away or you’re pretty much asking to be run over and robbed. Or how about just adopt the Vegas model and sell all hours. I partied in Vegas Saturday night, of course at 5 in the morning I finally hit my limit. And you know what? Didn’t have to go shoptliftin at Walmart. Just went to my room and ate pizza. Everyone has a clock. (File that away in my worst idea ever. Move it to midnight for all I care, and my liver)

Bold move. Like how I used to pretend to be a college baseball player at Rosenblatt. Stepping it up to Police Officer is another level. Well done.

I wish the next tweet was “Girl has dog taken away from her for thinking walking it on New Years Eve at 11:40 pm was a logical idea”

You were in Wentworth, not Regency bro. Of course it was gunshots. I used to live there, gunshots were like my night scapes for bedtime.

Well you know you’re headed to jail. May as well stick around and crush the dollar menu before the bologna and bread sandwiches crush your asshole.

(credit – for the photo & it wasn’t really Kenny Bell)

#GloryDays keep that name relevant Kenny.

Hey Stephanie… Sup…..


Boom. Perfect place to end. We got Lincoln mugshots to shit on for tomorrow.

Pretty uneventful New Years in Omaha. Lot of gun shots, lets chill on that for the rest of the year 2016?

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