I Hope I’ve Found The Powerball Winner

I’m out in SoCal this week so I hadn’t really noticed that lottery fever has taken over the rest of the United States until logging into Facebook today. Everyone back in Nebraska can’t stop, won’t stop talking the Powerball. I’m a sucker too who has been roped into the fever a few times a year, every year for the last 15 years. Buying multiple tickets, getting into pools and coming up with one number. But not now, not while I’m in Cali I won’t be. Too smart.  It’s 60 and sunny, a lot more to entertain myself han pretending I don’t have a shitty life. Beautiful women and weather provide an excellent shield from reality, don’t need some $2 ticket to sell me hope and happiness.


Fast forward six months from now when the jackpot gets over $400 million and I am all back in on the hope, the dream of never having to budge again. Hopefully this time around this bro wins it and lets me dable in some of his cocaine and hookers though, goes broke in a few weeks and I can get him back in August.

Who am I kidding? First thing I do if I win a $400 million dollar jackpot is bet it on a 4/24 two spot at Ralston Keno. Boom, two point five times my money, real quick, real fuckin quick. Investment strategy 101.



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