New York City Finally Has The Heroes It Needs

Yeah, Firefighters, NYPD, yada yada. They’re cool. But everywhere has cops and firefighters doing their thing to protect the city. What are the rest of the citizens of the Big Apple doing? Nothing, just being smug, being rude, cultured, spending $3,000 a month rent for 200 square foot apartments. That’s all their doing. Leave it to mans best friend to get out there and actually try to make a difference, fix that cesspool and the rat population. Lord knows no human was getting off their asses to take are of it themselves.  This is also something cats have been literally doing for ages to know hoopla, to know fan fare and begging for a pat on the back. Dogs always need that attention, but I digress at least something is being done to fix that shit hole.

Also, gotta love this little poodle terrier being the alpha male of the crew. What an upset. The Tiger Woods of rat catching, the Eminem, the 80 US Mens Hockey team. A complete outlier, totally unassuming but an absolute savage in the field.


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