Terence Crawford Has The Bodybag Ready for Hank Lundy

I was really hoping Terence was going to get a big time Vegas fight next but this will have to make due. I’m really looking forward to Omaha loading up the covered wagons and tractors, heading west and taking over Vegas like the Irish take over Vegas when Conor McGregor fights.  Terence may not talk the best trash, but with coach Brian McIntyre talking for him and constantly representing Nebraska to it’s fullest I’ll always be a huge supporter.

“I’m about that mess” – Terence Crawford

Keep those pants how they is TC!

But for real, after Webster here gets stuffed into a body bag that big time Vegas fight has to be right around the corner right?

Also, you know Floyd mentally checked out of any possible fight with Bud after sizing each other up at the Knick(Knicks?) game last night. Floyd don’t want that mess.


Love Bud wearing the lifted up Timbs though, short dudes gotta take every inch they can get. Old pro wrestling trick.


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