UNL Frat Bro Frat Pledge Gets His Ass Branded

Video shows UNL frat member getting branded; not part of initiation, and not ‘a big deal,’ he says

By Kate Howard / World-Herald staff writer

University of Nebraska-Lincoln officials said they are taking “very seriously” a 2014 video that surfaced this week showing a UNL fraternity member getting branded.

In the video, posted to an account on the social media site Vine, a man is shown being held down on the ground as his buttock is branded with Greek letters. Another man walking by is wearing a T-shirt from the fraternity Phi Kappa Psi. In the background, several other men can be seen taking pictures or videos with their cellphones.

(Continued- http://www.omaha.com/news/education/video-appears-to-show-unl-frat-member-getting-branded-university/article_0aee96d3-9d49-5fcb-877f-0f55f2c3f017.html)

Oh, for crying out loud take it easy UNL. You have bigger fish to fry, like fielding a football team that doesn’t embarrass the rest of us again next year. Some 125 pound frat bro just trying to fit in and get a little hot iron on the ass should be the least of your worries.

On the other hand could be a classic diversionary tactic by the University as well. Lawrence Phillips found dead in his cell?  Shit, more bad press for UNL alum. Lets just release this two year old video of a frat initiati0n, that will divert the attention from our awesome (yet crooked) football program of the mid 90’s. Can’t say I don’t respect that approach. (I won’t be typing about LP, too unfortunate what became of him and he is one of the top 10 Huskers of my life)

By the way- hey bro, you want to fit in? You want people to think you’re hard?

Ever heard of the gym? Mix in a few pushups and some sit ups, a few extra natty lights and in no time you’ll have enough weight gained for what could be considered a real boys body. No need to brand a logo on your ass cheeks to fit in and get some fist bumps from the bros. Seriously that body is a travesty. He does gain extra points for sporting a Trump hair piece before Trump lettuce was all the rage.


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