UFC Fight Night 81 Bets and Quick 195 Review

Back to more regular posting on Monday. No more vacation, Omaha needs me.

The UFC event to start the year was awesome. I was in the tenth row, you get free concessions and a waitress there. Never knew that type of luxury.

I was a few feet from Jon Jones. Almost took his head off and he didn’t even know it. He got so lucky.

Met Donald Cerrone, dude was awesome.

Now there's the fucking man #ufc195 @cowboycerrone

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Few other random pics and videos from the night. Mayday McDonald, Condit(awesome!), Stipe entrances plus drunken yelling at Kyle Noke, really tried to start a war with Australia.


Condit won that fight… Whatever though. Fifth round was one for the ages. Went 4-3 and won 3.7 on the event.

I’m jacked for Cruz/TJ tonight. I have it to not go the distance +135 for 2. I like Mitrione to beat Travis Browne at +125 for two. Pettis over Alvarez in the distance -110 for 2. Ben Saunders over Cote for 3 at -110.  Going to Hooters, it’s a over/under of 30 wings and I am asked to leave after asking for a motorboat from a waitress is +220.

Btw- wouldn’t believe how hot the Reebok Fight Kits were. Just seeing them everywhere, fashion of 2016.



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