Canadian Man Steals “$1,500” Worth Of Gum

$1,500 eh? $1,500 worth of gum is what you’re going to go with here Mounties?  Take it easy Canada. There is no humanly possible way any convenience store even has anywhere close to $1,500 worth of gum on hand at any given time. He was stealing gum, not diamonds dude. Maybe Maple syrup, yeah I would have bought that. Probably doesn’t want to create panic and hysteria in Canada after the Maple Syrup reserve took a hit. Yeah, that’s it.

This dude using an Uber to rob the place though was a genius move. Hiding in plane sight, hire a getaway drive and the getaway driver doesn’t even know it.  Forget the whole having your card on file and connected to your account probably easily leading them to you. Was the getaway clean? Half the problem. That “gum” is probably on the Canadian black market now and turned into like $50.

Biggest upset of the entire story was Canadian Uber wasn’t providing getaway via horseback.


Damn did I Just think of the next big million dollar idea or what? Horse Uber, imagine rolling up to the bar on horseback? Young Guns style, your entire crew comes up on horseback who’s messing with you? How cool do you look? All the hoes flockin, all the hoes.


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