Business Has Just Picked Up- Alcohol To Be Sold At The CWS

Beer, wine to be sold at 2016 College World Series, NCAA says

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — For the first time in NCAA history, beer and wine will be sold to the general public at the College World Series and Women’s College World Series. Since 2013 club seats and premium seats could purchase alcohol.

Division I Board of Directors decided last week to waive the rule prohibiting such sales and allow the sale of alcohol through a one-year pilot program. (Continued-

Hilarious.  Irony with some of its best work. CWS officials get wind of Hype Gotti taking a pilgrimage out to the West Coast and immediately decide while the ghost is clear they will sell alcohol at Omaha’s biggest 2 week party.  I’m not gone, I’m just on an extended vacation…

But hey b0zos- news flash. I haven’t bothered going to the CWS in years.  You were already in the clear, plus I have been carrying airport liquor shooters around for years… Fireball? Boom pull one out my back pocket. Southern Comfort Lime? Bang!  Pull one out my sock. Coconut Skyy Vodka? BAM! Pull one out from behind my ear.  Shooters to me are like MacGyver to knives, rope and tape.


Plus my hair is just as nice, salon quality.

I could have been in TD Ameritrade drunk acting a fool at free will or years now.  The fact is I’m a Rosenblatt guy. I want nothing to do with TD.  I bleed Omaha and and will remain loyal even though the Blat has passed on. Never stepping foot in TD, never will. Back in 2001 I crashed a live Dave Webber news report down at Rosenblatt and asked if “Anyone  find my pack of gay porn mags laying around down here?” on live tv. If that was today I would have been viral as shit! The original “FHRITP” guy. Dave gave me a nice shove though to his credit.

Back to the issue at hand- Just cause I won’t be around it doesn’t change the priorities of my city though. They may pretend they give a shit about college baseball 14 days a year, but they don’t… They don’t. Omaha cares about partying and getting extra wasted.  Fights and running on the field on deck with the extra alcohol fueled courage. The one year experiment will be just that- an experiment, for one year. 100% alcohol is not sold in 2017. Hell, probably not even after opening weekend. We’ll be lucky if they don’t take the entire CWS as far away from Omaha as possible after the disaster that this is.

Letting my people get extra liquored up inside the stadium is just going to bring even more beautiful chaos and I for one, can’t wait.

On second thought, I will go to TD. But only to throw out a first pitch or sing the national anthem. CWS peeps – have your people hit up my people (me). Lets bring ELECTRICITY to TD in 2016.



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