Crew Of Old Geezers Take Digger Off See-Saw


Clean up on aisle five! Clean up on aisle five! We need nine new hips, ten new pairs of dentures and 18 new knees.

With all those years of life experience and infinite wisdom to pass on its wonderful to see that even old people will make ridiculous life choices while days away from the nursing home.  I’d hop right on that see-saw because I love a good bump and they hop on because they don’t understand physics… Or they really are the coolest thrill seekers of all time. The original Jackass crew.

But really there is one man to blame for all of this… Yo Tarheel! Move your ass bro! Shuffle left! Shuffle left! You’re in the most crucial spot of all and just chilling there willy nilly while Alfred, Bernie, Norman and company have their lives hang in the balance but you’re just striking your best pose for that photo op.

Guy just didn’t give a flying fuck.


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