Iowa Bro Released From Jail After Throwing Tomatoes At The Donald


Johnson County, IA. – Andrew Alemao was released from jail Wednesday morning after his arrest for allegedly tossing tomatoes at GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The incident allegedly occurred during a Trump campaign stop at the University of Iowa. (Continued-

Finally! Finally! Iowa does something right. This bros swagger is just through the roof. Throwing tomatoes at Trump? Sure that’s cool but that should happen at any city he is in. Iowa can’t take credit for that. The cut off tee? Yeah it’s a good look but I imagine me and every other bro in Iowa are all still rocking cut offs. Give it up for the mop haircut, sure but still lets not go giving Iowa all the credit and shine a positively light on them for one sweet hair cut. Ok, the stache? The stache is what Iowa finally got right? Nah, it’s a good one too, but no. You can find a stache like that in any Game Stop across the US today.

What you can’t find… What you can not find anywhere, in any of the other 49 states. In any other country in the world in 2016 is… THOSE SIDEBURNS. Absolutely electrifying. We haven’t seen burns like that in 20+ years.

Not since Luke Perry was making panties wet on 90210


Not since Brady Anderson was mashing steroids and homeruns in Baltimore


Not since the Rock was electrifying the world every Monday Night


Oh shit, well I guess just 13 years ago my homie Sonjay Dutt was still relentlessly rocking the side burns.


That changes nothing though, way to go Andrew Alemao. Welcome to the Side Burns Hall of Fame class of 2016 bro! Keep doing your thing, absolutely electric.



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