Crossroads Mall Is Looking Good

(credit reddit user potatoquie)

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Crossroads mall, what happen to you fam? What is that place? No Hat World for custom flat bill hats?  Any fighter or pro wrestler in Nebraska knows T-Tops was the spot for your custom made merchandise from 2000-2005. KB Toys was the premier spot to grab Ninja Turtle action figures back in the day. With no Claire’s at Crossroads where can a 14 year old go to get a sweet piercing without a parents consent?

I mean does Crossroads Mall even deserve to be standing if there aren’t “gang members” walking around intimidating the shit out of everyone?  Now there is just some old dude with one leg on backwards walking around? People west of 96th were strongly urged not to go to Crossroads back in the day.  But you had to rebel, you had to feel alive and head to Crossroads.  I remember eating some Imperial Palace there one time and not making it back to the car before it had greased its way all the way through digestive system and was on the verge of shooting out the other end.  Luckily Crossroads had that good ramp exit so I could sooth my way down into the bathrooms before a mess exploded.

I think the most impressive thing about Crossroads was that stupid Balloon store was one of the last surviving stores. How the fuck is that possible? Is there really a huge balloon animal market in Omaha? I stopped in there a few years ago to walk around and that was one of like four stores still open. Gotta have balloon animals.

I know the cool trendy thing is to turn Crossroads into a “Power and Light” district type spot. But fuck that, I would have been aboard 10 years ago. But not now, not now that I’m in my 30s. I’m a firm believer that if I can’t reap the rewards of something then nobody else can. I had to freeze my dick off on 114th and dodge to experience more than 4 bars/clubs in one area so you should to.

Btw- what kind of creep gets to just fly his drone around a mall? The only reason I watched the entire thing was hoping it would start shooting lasers to begin the demolition. Rip off city.



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