Iowa Wrestling Manager Goes Blackface To Mock Autistic  Fan 


Mark Korver everybody! Or as you may know him better, Axel Greece. Hitting the roads of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas alongside his trusty mentor “30+ Year Wrestling Vet” (his words, not mine) Chief Attakullakulla… Yeah, that’s his actual work name. Rolls right off the tongue right?


Eat your heart out Tatanka!

Now I’m not posting this to call Korver out, shit on him or anything. That just may in inadvertently happen anyways but whatever. I don’t think he did this with any malicious intent. I don’t think Korver really had any clue what he was doing or the real life implications of what it’s such a shitty thing to do. Korver is pretty much just guilty of wanting to fit in, be a part of something and complete ignorance.  He’s genuinely a very nice guy I’ve known for 14 or so years and always been good to me, including paying me my first three figure wrestling payday in 2003 from a show he drew six fans to.

I’m assuming AttaCockaLocka put him up to it. In his “thirty year” wrestling career he hasn’t ever drawn a dime, hasn’t ever sold a ticket or had his name associated with anything other than tall tales and lies. Oh, and a dope pink mohawk. So what do you do after thirty years of irrelevance? You stoop as low as possible and go black face to mock a chubby autistic kid.

You’d think after the initial backlash on Sunday they would have wised up, apologized and tried to put this behind them. But for the first time ever even though for the complete wrong reasons people were talking about the duo. Chief shared this post then on Greece’s Facebook page.


Yes… That is a meme. A meme of Clint Eastwood. A meme of Clint Eastwood from a movie where he was an extreme racist- Gran Torino. Way to drive that point home fellas.

Let me break it down and explain it to you guys in as dumbed down and extremely simplified way as I can- Blackface was originally first seen in the late 18th century/19th century (you know when racism was also very real problem?) at these things called Minstrel Shows. Minstrel Shows were where comedians were dressed mockingly in blackface, for white people to go to and laugh. Pretty much the only joke at a Minstrel Show is “haha deez black peoples are soooo stupid hardy har har.” Or lets dumb it down even further… Being black is not funny!  Being fat on the other hand, that can be funny and laughed at in the correct situations.

I could go on for a lot longer about why it’s wrong, why it isn’t ok, but I hope you understand that now and maybe regret the decision a bit. Driving the point home further may come off as I’m talking down to you. But, if not I’d be glad to talk to you both on a podcast or sit down if our dates in Omaha ever lineup. Otherwise I’m sure Abu Colossus, Max Magnus, Bradly Charles, Darrien Sanders, Matt Cage or any of the other incredibly talented independent wrestlers in the Midwest would love to sit down and chat with you about race in 2016 in America. An area I’m sure you’re both incredibly educated in.

On a lighter note, I’ve been out in SoCal all 2016 and to be honest I was pretty worried after some stories last week and this incident going down that my area was in trouble. But then I got sent this pic and no sweat, we’re in good hands people. TNA Rick working and Bubbles Burr reffing. 2016 Coming in hot!


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