Iowa Manager Axel Greece, Who Went Blackface Posts Apology 

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A pretty good and what I felt as sincere apology video. I really don’t think Greece was doing it with any malicious intent. He is just a victim of his own ignorance and wanting to get over. Everyone wants to be over, but at what price? Gift and the curse… or something. 

I think it’s pretty telling also Chief Atakullakulla hasn’t said a word either. I mean he even removed me from his friends after calling him out and tagging him out directly to my original post. 

I’m so broken up, I can’t tell you how bad that hurt. (As if I even requested him in the first place)

I’m pretty sure my first instinct was on point. Chief put Greece up to it to grab some cheap heat and now has went silent. Completely hung Axel out to dry when the wrong kind of heat came at them.

Guy is a scumbag carny taking advantage of anyone he can. Hopefully Axel sees it and distances himself. I’d love to tell Chief what I think of him in person one day… Thing is I don’t believe my “wrestling career” could possibly ever be low enough to take a booking and work a show for a promotion that would be desperate enough to have Chief Attalullakulla on it. 

Maybe he can buy a ticket and come see me someday. 

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