Omaha Named 8th Most Romantic City

Omaha named top-10 romantic city in U.S.

OMAHA, Neb. —Omaha is perhaps not the first or second or 20th place that comes to mind when the word romantic is introduced in conversation, but the home of more than 430,000 people cracked OpenTable’s 2016 list of the top-25 romantic cities in the country.

OpenTable, a website dedicated to analyzing and empowering restaurants across the globe, recently unveiled its list of the top starry-eyed cities in America, and Omaha, city of steak and potatoes, was named to it for the second consecutive year. Last year, it ranked 13th, and it moved up to No. 8 this year. (Continued at KETV –

Bulllllllllllllll Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Eighth most romantic city that begins with an O you mean? Eight most romantic city in Nebraska? Huh? What?

I can’t think of one romantic thing about Omaha.  Snow storms on the reg, unplowed streets on the reg, drunk driving on the reg, shootings on the reg.  Maybe horse carriage rides down in the Old Market if your horsey can manage to make it two blocks without stopping to drop off a litter of new born puppy sized dump.  Even then, no thanks.

The list is a joke though when you realize Milwaukee is #3. That is a city that happens to place in my top five most puke worthy cities. Don’t soften my city up. We aren’t romantic, we go hard! We don’t cruise!



Yeah, does that look romantic to you? That’s what I thought. Checkmate.

(Anyways, I did read the article and realize it was just based on fancy ass restaurants I couldn’t afford to eat at so it’s cool rub it in. So the author gets a pass. Just don’t be so transparent next time bud. Anytime I get the opportunity to represent for Lucky Charm, Flocane and Whyte Myk I’ve gin my favorite blog ever I’ve gotta – )



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