UFC Fighter Alex Nicholson Proposes To Girlfriend Before Weigh In

(thx to zprophet_mma @ twitter for the pic)

True story- as he was entering the make weight I saw him with a girl and immediately went to open my sportsbook to bet against him.  No way you have the proper amount of focus required to win a big time UFC debut fight if you’re dragging around the old ball and chain. I’m 97% sure he is losing based on this soft ass behavior alone.

Then he drops to one knee and proposes! GAME OVER. I’m now 98% sure he is toast. Can’t get my sportsbook open fast enough. But FUCK! The dude he’s fighting is -1000. That’s $1000 risked to just win $100 back. Awful value.

Now he his the scale and I know he’s either over or under the 206 limit by five pounds. Guys is way too concerned with locking down this chick for life than the fight. Sure enough he’s 201. Why couldn’t his opponent have been -400 or something lower. Did Vegas know this guy was coming in with no plans of winning just using his platform to impress his chick. At this point I couldn’t be any more confident he was losing. Then I meet his opponent…


With a woman’s first name you better be tough as shit.


206 Pounds.

Five and 0 with his last five fights, all first round finishes. 100% sure.

Now if someone would like to loan me a cool $1,000,000 so I can lay the 10/1 and get myself 100K back that would be sweet.

Oh yeah, after a quick search on google- Cirkunov wins the bad bitch competition too. Sorry bout your damn luck Alex Nicholson.


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