165 Omaha Businesses Shut Down, I Have Five More That Need Added To The List

OMAHA, Neb. (DCHD) — The Douglas County Health Department announced Monday morning that it will begin to close 165 food and drink establishments who are operating without a permit.

The list of 165 businesses includes businesses who have not obtained a permit for 2016 and those who have not paid late fees. Of the 165, both Big Mama’s locations, Deuce’s Lounge Bar & Grill, and The Elbow Room had taken care of business as of Noon Monday. The 99 Cent Grocery, Olympic Grill and Whiskey Tango, and Lot 2 have also been removed from that list. (Continued at WOWT – http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/165-businesses-to-be-closed-by-Health-Department-368038301.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WOWT_6_News)

Full List HERE

Look, the day after the Super Bowl is one of the most depressing days of the year. Not much going on so I’m posting a weak uninspired effort today. Here are five more Omaha Businesses I wouldn’t mind seeing shut down.

  1. Dave & Busters – Over priced food and drink. Terrible service. Long lines. Shitty reverse transparent TV’s.
  2. Getaway Lounge – I’m a dive bar guy yet Getaway still gives me the creeps. I would have made them the prohibitive favorite to appear on the list. Must have been an oversight, no way they were current on their papers.
  3. Rhythmz Lounge – Is that what it’s called now? How about we just get out in front of the murder now and shut it down? Pull some strings DCHD.
  4. Big Red Keno – I have no beef with Big Red Keno. But it’s for my own good. I’ve been in Los Angeles for two months and haven’t played keno once. Wallet is fatter. The minute i step back into Omaha I can’t help myself, I’ll head right to a Keno sattelite and get going. 4, 24, 34 three spot, I’m salivating at the thought of it. Little black chick, Seal and White chick. Can’t wait to get back to paying my weekly $200 tax to the Keno gods.
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings on 72nd and Cass. I haven’t forgotten about the food poisoning on my Buffalo Chicken Wrap from two years ago. I will not have forgotten about it two years from now. I will want this place shut down until I do forget.

I had a few requests to blog about the scumbag from O-Face bar in Council Bluffs who was arrested for sexual assault(rape?). I contemplated it but really just can’t find a humorous angle to take on it. The place is garbage and has been rightfully shut down.

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