This Deaf Bro Demanding Respect From McDonalds Can Play For Me Anytime

Deaf customer upset with McDonald’s over treatment

COLUMBUS, Neb. (WOWT) — A clash between a customer and the company: the video captured at a Columbus, Nebraska drive-through went viral recently.

Just two hours into the New Year, Jonathan Ramos arrived at the McDonald’s drive-through window. His frustration in trying to place an order is evident in the use of his car horn, something, he himself, doesn’t hear. It struck a nerve with one of the employees.

Video captured an employee’s response: “You can leave or I’m going to call police. Do you get that one?” (Continued- WOWT –

By any means necessary! I’m a big fan of the deaf. Some of the coolest cats going today. Good company as a ready hearing abeled person anytime I can hang with a deaf person and just not talk it’s great. Team no social interaction 4 lyfe.

Gotta love this dude laying on the horn for nine straight minutes is such a classic power move. The ultimate “nanana boo boo” moment, utilzing all his powers as a deaf man in a leather jacket with a sweet stache at once. It’s like when you’re clipping your toe nails with other people in the room. It isn’t bothering you but its absolutely grating to anyone else who has to hear it so what’s the problem?  Power moves only. Plus are we sure the deaf dude is the one with the handicap here? I mean did you see these McDonalds folks handwriting?


Are we sure that isn’t Steven Avery working the drive-through?

Plus those disgusting ass fingernails! Keep them away from my Big Mac! Keep them away from my .99 cent Diet Dr. Pepper and McChicken! Gross.

The deaf dude hitting them with a Hogan then goes beyond any power move I’ve ever seen.

“I can’t read your shitty handwriting BROTHER, I can’t hear you neither BROTHER.” he should have doubled down and hit them with a “you can’t see me next” just completely cuckold the entire drive through and city of Columbus in the process. Like a dog marking his territory for eternity if he would have pulled that out.



Also don’t think I missed him flashing gang signs at the end. Classic subliminal message to the Columbus McDonalds right in Mastre’s grill.

  1. Honk the horn for nine minutes
  2. Can’t hear you, I’m deaf, what did you say?
  3. You Can’t See Me!
  4. Call Mastre up to drive 90 minutes to Columbus to do story
  5. Flash Gang Signs on News
  6. Win
  7. Repeat

Like I said, team this deaf bro. Bet McDonalds Corporate has already sent him like $20 in gift certificates. He can suit up for Gotti Country any day of the week.


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