So I Got The South O Rap Video That Got Those Three People Arrested

Original Blog From February Fifth HERE.

Shout out to twitter user @Kovottis who came through with the video. I gotta say I didn’t even think it really existed. I mean did you see the mugshots?


Not to stereotype but that crew doesn’t exactly look like the group that could put that kind of video out. I mean that videos quality was downright shocking, like it was shot from some of the Avatar cameras and edited together by Tarentino and his team. I figured I would get some VHS level quality video with no cuts and shitty Omaha backdrops I could make fun of.

No, No, No. Not me. That video was a legit production and knowing they are all in jail now for having real firearms in there only adds to the message of the track. They don’t give no fuck!

Lets clear something up, as you see I’m in the bad joke business… Not the dying business. They completely sold me on their message and I’m scared and I take back all jokes I made at their expense in the previous blog.  You can call me a coward as long as I’m a living, breathing coward I can live with that.

I’ll have to stick to making fun of Flocain, Whyte Myk and Lucky Charm for the time being. All while trying to bring together the OPD and “Checkmate the Trigga Man” you see,

To quote Lt. Kanger from the WOWT News Article –

“We can’t arrest our ways out of these situations, we have to be real important about the message we’re getting out there and really make sure our youth have other opportunities,”

Kanger, chill out bro! Did you not see they are out there sending a message “You supposed to be shootin who you beefin with, you be hittin innocent kids… YOU A BITCH!”

Now you see Lt. Kanger, you’re a lot like that dude “Checkmate the Trigga Man” you are both out there looking out for the youth, you just go about it different manner. Come together, be one! Peace in Omaha! Peace in Omaha!


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