Check Out Three Faces Of Meth In Iowa & Nebraska

(Credit- KETV –

(Credit – WOWT –

The story is ho-hum. Typical Iowa/Nebraska meth bust. These things are a dime a dozen, but any time they come with pictures it ratchets business up a notch or two. You get some tangible, visual reassurance that never adding meth to your addiction list was indeed a great life decision…

The most shocking thing is that Alexia “Doesn’t Follow The” Law does not look so far gone from the meth yet. Twenty five years old and it may not have ruined her life just yet. She’s right on the edge and this bust could actually save her.  So clean it the fuck up Alexia! You have some serious potential. I mean look over to your side and check out Miss Stacey Budenholzer. Is that what you want?  That will be you baby girl! That is your future if you don’t clean shit up and quit slanging meth. Her and Thomas over there look like a couple burnt out Fraggle Rock babies, you’re only 25 and not far behind.


And if you’re not going to clean it up, fine. No sweat off my nut sack. But do the rest of us here in Nebraska a favor and don’t wear a Nebraska shirt next time you’re dealing and doing meth. Throw an Iowa shirt on at least do that for us would you?

And if you do happen to clean it up well. Slide in them DMs gurrrrrl —–> @Hypegotti

I have to admit though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Stacey get free and have another few years stint with meth. If anything we will be able to see the Crypt Keeper come to life. That would be dope (pun intended).


(That entire blog I was just typing until I came up with a proper descriptor of Thomas Knipe’s hair/mo-hawk/widows peak, it just couldn’t reach me. Thomas Knipe with some absolutely outrageous hair. Stay away from meth kids)



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