Oh Yes! A Lincoln Prostitution Bust!


LINCOLN, Neb. —Lincoln police have arrest multiple suspects on prostitution-related charges.

The arrests were in connection with a nationwide sex-trafficking investigation.

The Lincoln Police Department coordinated with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois.

During the undercover effort, Lincoln police arrested six people for solicitation of prostitution, five for prostitution and two for pandering. Several people also face drug charges. (http://www.ketv.com/news/13-arrested-wednesday-in-nationwide-sextrafficking-case/37921128)

KETV always comes through in the clutch with the prostitution bust mugshots and for that I’m grateful. Lets get to the roster with a little commentary on the perpetrators. While it may sound like I’m condescending, that is not the case at all. Prostitution should be legal as far as I’m concerned, who cares what someone does with their body? Govern it, keep things clean and safe and who cares? But until then I have the rite to laugh at them getting caught up trying to get some strange/do something strange for a little piece of change.

Unfortunately no football players are featured. They must have already been let(paid) off by the time of publishing.

Solicitation of prostitution charges

Can’t spell Monster with out the MOSER.  Kidding. Poor guy just got caught up. Fat wife and two shitty kids at home.  I bet he just got off his shift at ShopKo, looking for one good thing to happen to him before heading home to misery… But nah… Nah. Lincoln PD bust in and ruin that. Now you’re the first picture on KETV’s website.  At least you now know rock bottom dude.

Pandering, possession of controlled substance charges

Own it Tonda!  She don’t give a damn. She was pandering, putting the pussy out there for all to see. You can tell she doesn’t give a shit. Probably offered it up to the first Correctional Officer she saw.

Solicitation of prostitution charges

Sergey Nastin” hate to break it to ya Lincoln Police Department and KETV. But “Sergey Nastin” just got one over on you. There is no way that’s his real name. Probably his porn name. He’s long gone, back in in Hollywod preparing for his next film by now.

Prostitution charges

You see in Abuk’s country she is able to trade the pussy for beads and chickens. Totally innocent, she was just confused on our stupid American rules.

Prostitution charges

My lord! Crystal looks like she was beat in the face with a branch. Lincoln has greater problems than prostitution if that thing is netting any more than a buck a pop over there.



Solicitation of prostitution charges

When life imitates art. Benjamin’s wood would have been burning had he got the opportunity to take one of those girls for a spin. (Yes that was a god awful joke, no I do not care)

Solicitation of prostitution, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia charges

Don’t hurt em Victor! That hair! To die for! Salon Quality! An absolute waste that he spent two hours blow drying it and riding around in a convertible to achieve peak pomp and flow only to get throw in jail at Motel 8.

Solicitation of prostitution charges

Julio was just looking for a free ride back to jail. Maybe score some poon tang on the way there, if not who cares?  Guy is only at home and comfortable with his neck tat in the confines of prison walls. You’re gonna have to break more laws for a better stay next time bro.

Pandering charges

Not gonna joke about Darrow. Nope, not gonna do it. I value my life far too much. Do your thing Pimp. Literally.

Solicitation of prostitution charges

Poor Tyler. Poor, poor Tyler. Looks like the type of dude who was really just paying for companionship. Wanted to cuddle and a hug on the way out. A real Lenny. (Bonus points to me for a literary reference)

Prostitution, possession of marijuana

I really wish her last name would have been Bigsby.

Prostitution charges

Her dad has these charges dropped by noon tomorrow. Probably a public apology too. I’m not falling into that trip. Innocent!

Prostitution charges

Maddy, Maddy, Maddy May….
*Checks Bank Accounts Disposable Income*
*Facebook Searches Madline Salsberg*
*No further comment, peace out*




One thought on “Oh Yes! A Lincoln Prostitution Bust!

  1. Morgan February 11, 2016 / 10:49 pm

    Nah Robert Moser actually runs the Usave Pharmacy here in Nebraska City. So he took an hour trip for shit.

    Liked by 1 person

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