A True Love Story For Valentines Weekend- A Man & His Television

Bullet that hit Omaha man’s TV ends his channel surfing

An Omaha man thought a picture tube in his old TV had blown Tuesday night when the screen went dark.

It turns out that a stray bullet had ended his channel surfing.

“I just heard my TV make a noise and saw the picture go out, so I thought the picture tube had blown again,” James Milton said Wednesday. “I got to looking around, and I found a bullet behind the TV, laying on the stand.”

Milton, 50, lives in a home near 37th and Fort Streets, where he cares for his wheelchair-bound mother. Milton’s sister also was at home when the bullet came through the wall of Milton’s bedroom around 10:30 p.m.

“I’m just glad my mom and sister were OK,” he said. “Nobody was injured. Just the TV.” (Continued at OWH- http://www.omaha.com/news/crime/bullet-that-hit-omaha-man-s-tv-ends-his-channel/article_7ade6d1a-d026-11e5-913f-a3b4f350ddb8.html)

The video at the link is the real gem here. But the World Herald can’t be normal and allow it to embed on my site so you have to go to their site to see it.

I watched that video though, read that entire article and my range of emotions went from heart break to blood boiling. I was preparing for an all out assault on the World Herald, going to rip them from limb to limb AKA send one or two angry tweets. How dare they exploit this poor man for a news story without making sure he had a new TV ready to go.

(photo brendan sullivan omaha world herald)

I mean look at that TV. Him and that TV have been through WARS together. It’s probably his longest owned possession. This poor old Cosby/Denzel looking dude was heart broken. He’s had that TV longer than the World War 2 era desk it rests upon. He watched the JFK assassination on that thing.

Then you want to talk about heart break?

“I post on Facebook, I lost one of my best friends last night”

Luckily there is a happy ending though.

Wednesday afternoon, after a version of this article was posted on Omaha.com, two readers contacted The World-Herald and said Milton could have their old TVs. “It’s a blessing,” he said.

Thank god. Now my man can enjoy Valentines Day and the NBA All Star game on Sunday night. True love is bliss…

But still fucked up they didn’t show up with a brand new TV in hand before posting this story. I would have been driving straight to 37th and Fort from Anaheim to deliver one myself had they not.

On a side note – I can’t believe 37th and Fort even exists. I always thought Fort street started at like 96th street and went west.


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