Jackie Eide Is Back At It!

Omaha woman who was bitten by tiger arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct

The Omaha woman who authorities say was bitten by a tiger at the city’s zoo last fall was behind bars herself on Sunday after authorities reportedly found her staggering in the street and harassing a man and two teenage boys.

Before authorities could get Jacqueline Eide behind bars, though, Eide tried to take a bite of her own — out of an officer, according to police.

Police say they were called to the area of 30th and Mason Streets about 3 p.m. Saturday because a woman reportedly was harassing two youths.

Officers arriving on the scene encountered Eide, 33, whom they described as “intoxicated and irrational.” She was carrying a large plastic cup that she told police contained vodka and orange juice.

The man who called police told them that the woman had repeatedly tried to bear-hug two teenage boys who were helping him paint an apartment building.

Officers arrested Eide on suspicion of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and having an open container of liquor in a public place.

Eide kept yelling at the man and teens, so police took her to Police Headquarters, according to the report. There, she tried to bite an officer, police said.

I’ve been traveling across country for the better part of the last week and was mentally and physically drained. I need to keep updating this blog but was having trouble finding any motivation to write. Then from the heavens it happens. Jackie Eide is sent back into our lives and pumps life right back into me.

YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN! Jackie Eide is back!

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Jackie Eide Breaks Into Zoo to pet tiger & Jackie Eide Speaks

Girl is an absolute train wreck and I love her for it!

Bear hugging teenage boys while drinking a screwdriver out of a solo cup at three in the afternoon just seems like one of those South Omaha Memes people post on Facebook to show how cool South Omaha is. Probably be a GoFundMe set up any minute now to bail her out and some family hashtags trending just for the hell of it.

Gotta love her biting the police officer too. Classic case of her absorbing the Malaysian Tigers powers back in November. She is basically Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat, lord help us if she does battle with a Great White or something… That police officer was close to dying and didn’t even know it. Jackie Eide has been walking around South O for the last few months with the powers of a Malaysian Tiger.
I’m happy to announce that Jackie Eide has officially entered the Omaha Tyson Zone. I can’t wait for whats next.
The point at which a celebrity’s behavior becomes so insane, that there is literally nothing they could do that would any longer shock or surprise you, or indeed any human being.

So named after boxer Mike Tyson, who at one time was the heavyweight boxing champion of world, since which time he has 1) married a semi-famous tv-star at the time, 2) alleged to have abused said wife, 3) divorced, 4) chewed off the ear of another boxer during a match, 5) received a facial tattoo, 6) owns and tends to his pigeon coop, located on the rooftop of a New York apartment building.

Welcome back Miss Eide. It’s like you never left.

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