The First Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz Presser Was A Solid 8/10


We got just about all we could hope for out of that presser. Other than it starting 40 minutes after scheduled so UFC could run the same three shitty fight pass commercials on loop the entire time it was a giant success.

The live YouTube feed peaked at over 220,000 viewers which is unheard of for even weighins. This thing is going to keep building momentum over the next ten days and they are going to do a massive buyrate. I’m assuming significantly larger than the Dos Anjos fight would have done. Diaz is so much more an engaging character even when he doesn’t engage.

I get the feeling Conor actually likes Nate and kind of dialed it back a little bit when he realized Nate was pretty much only bringing “Fuck You” “Midget” and “Steroid” blasts. The entire thing was worth watching and should be up on UFC’s YouTube Page any minute now. I especially enjoyed the opening “Fuck You” exchange between them, that’s the type of maturity I like from my cage fighters.

They may have not used my Pope Mobile Idea but three bootleg Sons of Anarchy extras were good enough I suppose.


The staredown-

Also gotta love Diaz here, so close to answering “so much weed” but caught himself

This thing is going to hit a fever pitch next Thursday and Friday at the pre fight presser and weigh ins. Can’t wait.  McGregor is currently a -330 favorite and I’m talking myself into Diaz. Needs to exploit that steroids angle some more. As dumb as it sounds it seemed to for the first time get into Conor’s head.

PS- I don’t think I’ve mentioned just how much I hate Jon Jones enough lately. Here was some more fuel to that fire-


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