68 Year Old Bag-Of-Bones Takes Savage Beating In Sanctioned MMA Fight

Hey, Colorado State Athletic commission, go to the corner over there and take a seat. What the hell was that? Why not just give that Asian chick some Samurai Swords to go to battle while you’re at it?  I know Colorado does things different but this was just insane, was this part of a death sentence or something? In that case I can get down with that kind of cruel and unusual punishment. Like if ol Ann Perez has intel on what really happened to JonBenet Ramsey she was with holding and the Asian chick was enlisted to extract it? Then ok, fine I suppose.

But what’s up with that referee letting it continue on? He made Herb Dean look competent in his job reffing Rockhold and Weidman (well no not really).

Too many questions. Not enough answers. It can’t simply just be the CSAC is completely incompetent sanctioning it and enlisted an awful referee can it?

Really though when Dada 5000 recovers fully from his heart attack how about he hops into camp with Ann Perez. Could teach him a thing or two about technique and movement at least.

Btw- had to google JonBenet Ramsey to make sure I nailed that spelling and see she would have been 25 years old now. I don’t know if this sounds perverse but she would have been an absolute DIME piece now, no?

Spades a spade.


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