Check This All Natty Dude From England Out Who May Or May Not Be Headed To NXT– Here is a bodybuilder and trainer Martin Ford, all of which we will see shortly in the movie “The undisputed 4”. For 33-year-old man from Birmingham, where it has its own gym, this is the first debut on the screen. He will play the role of a fighter nicknamed “Nightmare”, and it really matches the nickname threatening appearance of Martin. Martin Height 207 cm, weight 147 kg, however, so it was not healthy at all times. As a young man of high often pinned, because he was tall and thin. Martin suffered a long time, but then decided to change dramatically. What came out of it, look on.

All natty baby! #Natural #IFBBPro #CleanEating #ITFYM #Macros #HealthAndFitness #HealthyLiving #EatSmartTrainHard #Lifting #Gainz #Nutrition #MealPrep

That’s what it’s all about! You too can go from a 125 pound toothpick to a 325 pound hulking monster in just a few years with just a little bit of hard work, rest and clean eating*

Rumor has it our boy is headed to Florida for “something exciting” live look into Orlando international as he steps off the plane (providing his heart doesn’t explode on the way over)-

(I actually did that kg conversion to like English in my head. It’s such bullshit. Step up and adapt to our metric and math system or whatever England. We let you exist, adapt or perish!)






*- and eating steroids out of a horse trough by the pound


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