Tito Ortiz In More Trouble Trying To Take Chicks Phone At Vegas NightClub


f4wonline– Tito Ortiz was cited for a misdemeanor battery charge on 2/12 at 1 a.m. when police were called to Drai’s Night Club at The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas where a woman claimed Ortiz tried to spin her around and take her phone. She said he had been taking photos inside the club earlier in the evening and she thinks Ortiz may have thought she was shooting photos of him. Police arrived but didn’t arrest Ortiz, but did cite him

Hey Tito dude, maybe you should be thankful people are still willing to take your photo in public. You’re 3-8-1 over the last ten years. Still making millions of dollars for fame you earned 16 years ago. Grabbing various domestic assault accusations and a DUI two years ago probably just chalk it up to the price you pay for the life you had dude… Unless you were worried about the chick showing the photos to your PO and not partaking in bars and alcohol is part of your probation, then by any means necessary. Don’t want to violate that probation.

No matter how far Tito falls though he will forever be a legend for his “DANA IS MY BITCH!” shirt at a Dana White promoted UFC Weigh-In.


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