Lock Japanese Burger King Bro Up Now


What the hell was that!?! Just like the ocean, Japanese Burger King has no chill. You can’t dish up this psychopath a 400 Eel or Sea Urchin Whopper whatever that is sandwich. Immediately call the authorities and have him booked on a serious case of pre-crime. Just look at him sitting there at the end crying into it. He knows the next logical step is murder. He’s trying to detour himself by eating savage disgusting shit like that but he can’t help it, must kill.

Shout out to the Japanese Burger King engineering team though. That plastic bag he was carrying it in was legit. Perfectly harnessed that monstrosity.

UPDATE: This is the same psychopath that 500 slice of cheese Whooper and Japanese BK engineered the amazing Frankenstein box for a few years back-


Kinda hurts these Japanese Fast Food workers are bringing much more to the world than me.


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