Oh, So This May Have Been Why Crawford Took Lundy’s Soul Yesterday 

REGISTER-STAR–  Following a controversial defeat at the hands of Thomas Dulorme in late 2014, Lundy replied to a backhanded word of encouragement from Crawford (27-0, 19 KO) by insulting his main squeeze.

“[Crawford] inboxed me on Facebook and said ‘better luck next time, you should have trained harder.’ You talking about me training? Your wife fat, tell [Person] to train,” Lundy recalled. “The comment was harsh, but you shouldn’t have came looking and you got what you was looking for.”

Ahhhh…. Well I guess that kind of explains this –


You insult a mans old lady and you’ve left him with no other option. That was lightwork right there too, Lundy is in for a world of hurt tomorrow night. He doesn’t have the chops to start that firefight with Bud. Probably was his best option though to make the fight as dirty as possible, in a technical fight he will be picked apart and embarrassed.

Hoping after this one Crawford finally get that big time Vegas fight and we can load up those covered wagons and take over Sin City.

At the weigh-in today Crawford came in a pound heavier at 139.2 to Lundy’s 138.2. No action at the weigh in though they kept them separated but Crawford was electric coming out in his grandfather boxers

The entire weigh in is here, Crawford comes on around 11 minutes.


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