Weekend MMA Rundown Part 1 (Bellator 150 & UFC Fight Night 84 Weigh Ins)

Starting off Friday at the UFC Fight Night 84 Weigh Ins with Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping getting into it a little bit

Immediately after Bisping throws a steroid allegation shot towards Silva, Conor and Diaz have steroid chatter all the rage right now.

Also Daniel Cormier going at Jon Jones after Jones bragged about failing a drug test and still winning for some reason

To Friday night to Bellator 149 in Kansas. I’ve been getting my dick kicked in betting wise so just went one parlay of Spider Grove in Bellator along with Spider Silva, Brad Pickett and Rustam Khabilov in the Fight Pass card on UFC. Pays about 6/1.

You would think Bellator would have had the foresight to arrange their cards a little better. UFC 149 last week was the talk of the internet now we’re at 150 a nice powerful number and they are headline with nut tapping UFC reject Cheick Kongo vs some dude named Vinicius. Bellator gonna Bellator.(Eduardo Dantas vs Marcos Galvao was the original main event but Galvao had to pull out last minute with an illness. That fight didn’t exactly move the needle either)

Gregory Babene made his Bellator debut in the prelims. He won in the first by rear-naked choke. Then after the fight he slammed some Kansas commision nerd in the face and had it brushed right off. Gonna have to work on that power in the strikes.

(h/t @grabakahitman)

On the main card opener “Ruthless” Rebecca Ruth (quite the nickname) coasted(29-28, 29-28, 30-27) over Lena <Russian last name> as a +160 underdog. Ruth, 37 years old has a real milf vibe going for her Bellator should look to exploit.

Definitely the mom who bangs one of her teenage sons friends in high school, probably buys them booze and smokes too.

Next Chuka Willis beat Gaston Gaston Reyno by decision (29-28, 30-27×2). Nothing to say there.

Kendall “Spider” Grove’s brother passed away a month ago and he starches Fransisco France in the second round as a -120 favorite.


Took a last second flier on Rickels/Cooper doesn’t go the distance at +135 after seeing Rickels enter in a gold suit to ‘Return of the Mack’ awesome song.

Rickels puts him down in the first with some strong ground and pound. He was extremely sloppy and left himself open but screw it. For once a last second bet pays off.

I couldn’t just take my win and call it a night so rolled that over to Kongo in the main event cause that’s what morons do. It was an extremely boring fight I scored 29-28 for Sparta the judges went 29-28 Kongo, 29-29 Sparta and then some idiot female judge had it 30-27 for Kongo. Unbelievably bad scorecard but I’ll take it. A very boring main event overall.

Parlay alive headed into Fight Night 84. I’ll have a rundown when they’re over tomorrow.

PS- Conor’s swagger is off the charts right now


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