Weekend MMA Rundown Part 2 – UFC Fight Night 84, Silva vs Bisping

Still in shock over that 30-27 Kongo card from last night and winning bet. That kind of thing always goes against me.

To Fight Pass and Fight Night 84. First let’s check out what happened the last time Silva fought in England-

Well then…

To the notable finishes on the undercard-

David Teymur(-180) TKO Martin Svensson

Arnold Allen(-350) with a huge flurry in the last seconds and went over Yaotzin Meza 30-27(3x)

Scott Askham(-350) with a BRUTAL punch and head kick KO over Chris Dempsey with 15 seconds left in the first, keep that right up dude.

Rustam Khabilov won a decision to keep my parlay alive somewhere in there… I have so many other bets going now it’s not worth tracking. The favorites swept the undercard with the exception of Teemu Packalen hitting as just a +105 dog. To the main card-

Good fight between Brad Pickett and Fransisco Rivera. I thought it was a clear Rivera 2-1 but Pickett (+140) took the decision 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28. Probably some hometown cooking in London for Pickett there. Tough luck for Fransisco getting screwed in the Faber fight and now traveling across the ocean for this… Best punch of the fight had to be that shot right to the dick

Hold up, someone check the corridors in London, there’s a bad ass roaming free

Wouldn’t mess with that dude.

Tom Breese is one of the best prospects at Welterweight in the world but an extremely underwhelming performance. At upwards of -1100 and down to -350 on the live betting headed into the third round. He got the decision over Keita Nakamura 30-27, 30-27, 29-28. You definitely could have argued a case for Nakamura winning that. Like I said pretty underwhelming performance by Breese under the spotlight but a decent fight.

Thales Leites wanted nothing to do with Gegard Mousasi. Pulling guard and staying on the ground at any chance. Mousasi (-350)  won the decision clearly. ZZZ.

BTW- Dan Hardy, chill with the hair bro. You’re like 44. Sure I’m 34 and rock the manbun but a little decorum on live TV please.


They aired an uncensored preview for Conor/Diaz here that was incredible. Left all the curse words in and everything. Next week is gonna be huge.

Now time for the Main Event. If it was 2012 I’d be on a 10 right now in excitement, but still years later I’m rocking a solid 8.5. First up the entrance battle.

Silva wins a clear cut decision although Bisping always shows up with that Whoo-Hoo song, it’s hard to beat DMX.

The Brittish Dabbing Crew came in a respectable third.

The fight was absolutely incredible. Much more than I anticipated. Anderson was in there acting cocky as fuck, I can relate as someone who never learns their lesson the first time. Bipsing took the first two rounds pretty clearly with Silva dancing around antagonizing with with his hands down and getting rocked a couple times.

The end of the third the fight changed then when Bipsing lost his mouthpiece he was trying to get it back and Anderson kept fighting, rocking him with a knee when released from the clinch. Anderson thought the fight was over and began to celebrate.

The fight kept going. Anderson displaying terrible fight IQ didn’t press forward and try to end it as Bisping still clearly hadn’t recovered yet to start the fourth. Bisping then took the fourth and Anderson the fifth round. Amazing fight worth going out of your way to see. I was in the minority scoring the fight a draw giving the third a 10-8 to Silva as he was one second away from ending it. Bisping didn’t even make it back to his stool. Still awful fight IQ from Silva as he never really went for it and tried to engage. Under the Pride scoring no way Silva loses.

What a performance and amazing display of heart by Bisping though.

#michaelbisping #warrior #combatenews #ufc

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Back tomorrow with a Crawford/Lundy rundown. Have to clean myself up first after seeing Bud’s gear for tonight.

Shout out to @ZProphet_MMA for some of the photos and clips as well.


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